A Man Is Not A Clown

A man is not a clown. He doesn’t put on a happy face or fall over himself to make those around him happy.

His words are delivered based on the need for them to be said because he is seeking to soothe those around him or give them an escape from what they are facing.

He is first and foremost concerned with being correct in existence, making sure those around him are safe and secure and insulated from whatever dangers may be near or far. This concern is his occupation, though it does not mean that he sits and does nothing but this. No, his work involves this, and his work distracts him from this or doesn’t allow him to do this then it is the wrong work for him, or he is not doing it correctly.

It is not a burden, or at least it should not be. It is a responsibility, one that directs him in his pursuits not chains him to them.

In regards to his words, he should be aware of them and not seek to harm others with them, though he should not withhold them in the face of what needs to be said because of the chance that someone will get hurt by them.

He knows that any possibility of harm will be far less than what may occur if he does not speak and with that speech urge others to act, to follow, to heed his directives.

Clowns are for amusement. Men are not clowns.