A Man Is Not A Clown

A man is not a clown. He doesn’t put on a happy face or fall over himself to make those around him happy. His words are delivered based on the need for them to be said because he is seeking to soothe those around him or give them an escape from what they are facing. …

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From Where You Dream

From Where You Dream” by Robert Olen Butler I can’t remember what caused me to purchase this book. It is definitely an aid to help me develop my fiction writing. It is from a series of talks given by the author and then transcribed into book form. So far is has helped, though I have …

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Come here, baby” she said as soon as she saw me in the foyer. I thought to myself, oh may God, here is comes. I had been in the house for some weeks now but my parents had been on a cruise, one of many that take each year. This one had circled around Alaska …